Our Mission

  • Support all customer avionics qualification test requirements
  • Accelerate avionics hardware design cycle by reducing qualification test equipment design and troubleshooting time
  • Decrease the cost of avionics equipment qualification testing
  • Increase qualification test confidence

Electronic Design Service, LLC (EDS) provides test setup complete solution for Avionics Qualification and Verification. EDS is exclusive company covering Avionics Qualification and Verification Test Support Equipment design and manufacturing.

EDS products can be used by avionics/electronics developers to assist in Qualification and   Verification Test activity. EDS products provide convenient test access at a very reasonable cost supporting short schedule criteria. Our experienced avionics design engineers can also work to develop unique test solutions designed specifically for the test interface.

Generally, simulation equipment cannot undergo Avionics EMI Qualification Tests without EDS-like cards, because they do not have sufficient EMI and lightning protection to withstand the EMI environment in accordance with DO-160.

Electronic Design Service

The EDS Qualification Cards Provide

  • Electronic Design Service

    EMI (Radio Frequency Conducted/Radiated, Lightning and Audio Frequency) protection of simulation test equipment

  • Electronic Design Service

    Active loopback mode of test with real interface loading and EMI protection

  • Electronic Design Service

    Simulation of avionics interfaces with EMI protection.

The EDS Verification cards and devices provide special solution for avionics interface testing during avionics verification activity. Verification products include different test adapters and test cards/devices.

EDS Qualification Test Cards have been successfully used in Airbus and Boeing projects during Avionics Qualification Testing

EDS Develops Supporting Online Tools For HW Avionic Designers

The tools line includes two calculators at this moment:

Electronic Design Service
  • PCB Trace Width Calculator allows to calculate minimum PCB trace width for the following lightning waveforms: WF1, WF2, WF3, WF4, WF5 and WF5B. Also, there is possibility to choose type of trace and trace location in stackup.
  • Avionics Lightning Resistor Calculator helps to understand lightning protection resistor parameters based on the qualification lightning requirements, such as lightning levels and waveforms.
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