Avionic Design Calculators

Avionics PCB Trace Width Lightning Calculator
User Guide
  • 1 Choose the "Trace Copper Type" by using drope down list
  • 2 Choose "WF" waveform type by using drope down list
  • 3 Type maximum current puls value in "I peak " value field
  • 4 Read recommended trace width in "W" value field

Note: The minimum recommended trace width for avionics lightning application is 5 mils

Avionics Lightning Resistor Calculator
User Guide
  • 1 Type maximum pulse peak voltage in "Vm (peak voltage)" field
  • 2 Type TVS clamping voltage in "Vm (peak voltage)" field
  • 3 Choose "WF" waveform type by using drope down list
  • 4 Type resistor value in "R (Ohms) " value field
  • 5 Read calculated parameters in "Results" fields
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Note: 5% margin added in power calculation for confidence

WF1 v2
WF3 v2
WF5 v2
WF2 v2
WF4 v2