EDS PN: 1012009001R

ARINC 717, Discrete to USB / Ethernet Adapter

Card Characteristics
  • Dimension: 8.350 in x 7.250 in
  • Number of Channels: A717 In x 1; A429 Out x 1; Discrete I/O x 8
  • Inputs/Outputs meet standard avionics A717 and Discrete requirements
  • Possibility of different load simulation
  • Power: 28VDC; 2.0A
The main EMI characteristics
  • Radio Frequency Conducted Susceptibility (DO160G Categories M, O, R, S, T, W)
    Note: Cat Y is available for special order
  • Emission Radio Frequency Energy (Card does not have any clock signals. All interfaces are low frequency. All secondary power supplies have high level of filtering and isolation from signal interfaces)
  • Lightning Pin Injection (DO160G Level 4)
  • Special PCB layout and schematic approaches provide high noise isolation from environmental and I/O EMI
  • Possibility of input to multiple output configurations
Electronic Design Service
Electronic Design Service
Test Approaches
  • Active Isolation Loopback Test (fully isolated inputs from outputs) - configurable from test PC by using USB, Ethernet or RS232
  • External Isolation Simulation Test from test PC through USB or Ethernet
Electronic Design Service
Electronic Design Service
User Guide with card specific installation and test approaches description is available by special customer request

Avionics ARINC 717, Discrete to USB / Ethernet Adapter
1012009001R Avionics Interface Adapter for Qualification Test