EDS PN: 1022002001R

Quadrax Eye Diagram Test Adapter

Adapter Characteristics
  • TX (pin 1 and pin 3) and RX (pin 2 and pin 4)Termination: 100 Ohms
  • TX and RX Differential trace impedance: 100 Ohms +-10%
  • Quadrax contact: Socket
    Note: Custom modifications are available by special ordering
  • Avionics (A664 compliance) 100BASE TX Eye diagram testing
  • Avionics (A664 compliance) 1000BASE T Template, Peak Volt, Drop and Distortion testing
  • Other Hi Speed 100 ohms differential signal interfaces where Quadrax connector and terminations need to be used during testing
Eye diagram QA
User Guide with card specific installation and test approaches description is available by special customer request

Eye Diagram Test Adapter
1022002001R Avionics Verification Test Card