EDS PN: 1012002001R

Avionics ARINC 664 Ethernet Qualification Test Card

Card Characteristics
  • Dimension: 6.1 in x 6.745 in
  • Number of Channels: 8 ports
  • Circular Quadrax Connectors
  • Possibility of different load simulation
  • Power: 28VDC; 2.0A
The main EMI characteristics
  • Radio Frequency Conducted Susceptibility (DO160G Category M, O, R, S, T, W, Y
  • Emission Radio Frequency Energy (Card does not have any clock signals and power supplies.)
  • Lightning Pin Injection (DO160G Level 4)
Electronic Design Service
Test Approaches
  • Isolation Loopback Test (Ethernet transformers are used for isolation)
  • External Isolation Simulation Test
User Guide with card specific installation and test approaches description is available by special customer request

Avionics ARINC 664 Ethernet Qualification Test Card (Circular Quadrax)
1012002001R Avionics Qualification Test Card